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Landscaping Services

  • Landscape Design

    Landscape Design

    Simple or Elaborate

    We can provide you with a landscape design that will make your space modest or elegant. We offer a free consultation and will meet your budget on a landscape design that you will love for years to come.

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  • Hardscapes


    Add Function to Your Landscape

    Adding a hardscape design to your yard using natural materials both increases property values and spaces in your home to be enjoyed during the seasons.

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  • Retaining Walls

    Retaining Walls

    Beautify Your Landscape

    We offer custom designed retaining walls for both residential and commercial settings.  Contact us for a free quote.

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What Our Clients Think

  • There are times you get a good feeling about a company...then when their work is finished you get the validation for proof! "Like Family" is that company.

  • These guys do a great job and are reasonably priced!

  • We have used Like Family Lawn Care for years and they do the absolute best work! They show up on time, in uniforms and have a great attitude. Thanks Nic!


Let’s take care of that lawn!

  • Mowing


    Let us mow your lawn

    Let us mow your grass. We use state of the art Exmark mowing equipment to provide you the best cut for your lawn.

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  • Leaf Removal

    Leaf Removal

    Let us pick up your leaves

    Leaves can potentially kill your lawn because of disease. Allow us to come and pick up your leaves so your lawn will remain healthy and flourish.

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  • Fertilization


    Plans to keep your lawn healthy

    The first step to a healthy, lush lawn is the right fertilizer. However, fertilization can be tricky. We have found there are many options. Please contact us for a free estimate.

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We can manage your landscaping

  • Tree Removal

    Tree Removal

    Get rid of those dead trees

    Have old trees on your property that need removed? We can take care of that too. We can trim existing trees that you want to save or remove them all together. We can even grind the stumps.

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  • Plants & Shrubs

    Plants & Shrubs

    Remove old and overgrown shrubs

    Have some old shrubs that are overgrown and outlived its purpose? We can remove them for you and plant new varieties to update your landscape.

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